How To Look After Your Hands

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Hands are the visit card for all of us. Today I will teach you how to look after your hands.

After too many washes, especially now with Covid-19 when it recommends washing your hands more often, the skin might become very dry. The skin loses its moisture, and the protective layer is stripped away. Due to so much hand washing, my hands became swollen and very itchy.

Hand Soap

First of all you need a good soap for your hands. Each skin is different and a wrong soap can do more damage. I prefer a soap with vitamin E and rose extract.

I worked as a nurse for many years and my hands became very dry. For the last few years I have made myself a routine to look after my hands.

Twice a week I use cuticle oil to massage my finger tips.

Don’t worry if you don’t have cuticle oil! You can easily use olive oil as well. It has the same effect and we all have olive oil in the house.

Hand Cream

Use regular hand cream on a daily basis. It is indicated to use hand cream after each wash to keep your skin moisture. A hydrating cream with coconut oil, glycerin makes all the money.

Always care for yourself with hand cream and a sanitiser gel in your pursuit.

Hands are very important and though it is vital for us to look well after them.

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